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Replacement of the Form E121

Those of you who were affected by the EHIC changes may be aware that the EU social security regulations have been updated and that the changes came into force on 1st May 2010. As part of this update, it is important to note that 'E-forms' (for example the E121) have been replaced with new forms and they are now going to be known by different names.

One of the most relevant name changes that British citizens living in Spain should be aware of is to the forms used to access healthcare abroad. The E121, which is available to UK State Pensioners and their dependants, and the E106, available to posted workers and in some cases early retirees, have now both been replaced by the S1. As with the E121 and E106, the S1 must be registered with the Spanish authorities to give the holder access to full healthcare and the form comes with full Instructions on how to do so.

Note: Anybody who is already registered under an E121 or E106 does not need to take any action as their E121/E106 remains valid and their entitlement to healthcare is not affected. These changes only apply to new applicants who will receive an S1 instead of the E121/E106.


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